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This documentation is for an older version (1.4.7) of Dagster. You can view the version of this page from our latest release below.


Explore your options for deploying Dagster to your infrastructure or using Dagster Cloud.

Running Dagster locally#

Want to get Dagster up and running on your local machine? Check out the Running Dagster locally guide to learn more.

Deploying to your infrastructure#

Ready to deploy Dagster to your infrastructure? Use these resources to learn more:

  • Dagster architecture - An overview of Dagster's architecture
  • Concepts - Understand the concepts relevant to deploying Dagster
  • Guides - Step-by-step guides for deploying and executing Dagster on services like Amazon Web Services, Docker, Google Cloud Platform, and Kubernetes

Deploying with Dagster Cloud#

If using Dagster Cloud, some or all of the deployment infrastructure is managed by Dagster on your behalf. Check out the Dagster Cloud docs to learn more.